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First and foremost understanding myself brings self awareness and knowing my strengths and weaknesses this builds my life and impacts those that are around me. It means being responsible, accountable and being able to live with oneself. If I find out that I have a goal at the end of the day towards the work am doing in ministry and it will require me to reach out to children, then it will give me more zeal to find out how best I can reach out to them such that my mission is complete. It gives me morale to work hard on my weaknesses and a goal I overcome it to improve.
It also means a getter attitude towards life and excelling in it. If I like joking as a person and am dealing with young children, then it makes delivering of my messages to these children or any other group I minister to easy. Myers brings post assessment has made me aware that am compassionate to others, this is so because I love assisting other people all the time, I listen to people's suggestions and this gives me the best solution at the end of the day there fore am also a problem solver as Myers puts it.