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Michael Benson 1.1 self-assessment- understanding yourself
Understanding yourself it means that having the true definition who you are as a person and what you are capable of doing. And this has a lot of impact on yourself and those around you. The following are the importance of understanding myself and how will help in ministry;
Firstly, this will help me to know the role and audience which I have to serve Here what I am saying is that when am serving as a minister I should know my role. For example, if I am a joker, innovator, and a leader I should do more on how interacting with those around because some people don’t like to make work fun, they believe that there are no fun moments while working. Most of these are old ones, so with that I can go to the youths or kids because they like place where there is funny.
Secondly, it will help in development of skill in effective communication. In each and every work to be done there is a need of passing information/message from one person to another which requires total knowledge of yourself and others. Let give an example, last term when I was teaching, we had a kid who had problems in catching lessons fast in other words slow learner. Whenever, I am done teaching I had to call her on a separate to go over the lessons again. With that she was able get everything. In this case I knew that the only way to communicate her was when she is alone.
Furthermore, as a minister it can help you to be more creative. This always works in both sides in a way that when you understand yourself you always seek opportunities and solutions which can used building and maintaining your confident and mission. And on the other side this will make you to bring new strategies on how you can lead, relate and minister to people of different personalities.
Lastly, this is a motivation to one’s life. Whenever you feel like failing you are able to remind yourself who you are, your goals and insecurities. On the other hand, this can be there to make you to be more focused and working on your weakness. Which will lead you to gather resources for your servings.
In conclusion, after going through the Myers Briggs assessment have come to realize that I am a joker, innovator and leader. This is so, because always I make work fun, Flexible and spontaneous, adapt readily to new people and environments. Learn best by trying a new skill with other people as Myers put it. In addition, I do believe in extending my knowledge and pass this to others who are available and in need of it for their passions and success. I believe that everything to get done in a perfect way there is a need of me taking part and also trust those around in their ideas and resources. This has made me to realize that I am an extrovert over introvert and I scored 76%, on sensing and intuition I scored 77% on intuition and 23% on sensing. Now to thinking and feeling I am a feeler after scoring 71% of thinking which I scored 29% and lastly, on judging and perceiving I scored 73% on judging and 27% perceiving.