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Eneless and Madalo, you are very correct. Know how we tend to react and what our strengths and weaknesses are can be a real asset to us, only if we are willing to look at our weaknesses and choose to work on them. A good way to do this is surrounding yourself with individuals who have other gifts, and showing one another agape love and grace.


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Being in a ministry is a privilege that takes a person by their personality. It is therefore imperative to have a complete understanding of oneself so that you become effective in ministry and interact well with others. Taking the Myres Brig test has helped me further my understanding of who I am. Understanding myself has been instrumental in ministry and interaction with others.
Firstly, knowing myself helps me to position myself rightly in ministry. As an extrovert, I am continuously motivated by interaction with others. Knowing this has guided me to value team work than solitary endeavors. My Myres Brig outcome rated me as ENFG-Teacher. This is a true reflection of my character as I like to teach others my knowledge and skills. So in ministry, I am passionate to see the kids learning and becoming better. I make sure that I position myself where I will be able to teach and work in teams.
Secondly, knowledge of myself helps me to communicate effectively in ministry and as I interact with others. I am a person who knows what I want and what my vision for life is. I am therefore able to communicate this in my ministry and drive my passion towards it. This also helps me to interact well with people because I make them understand my position. Myres Brig also rated me third as Commander ENTJ. This is true reflection in the part where I communicate clearly my vision and what I want.
Knowing myself also helps me in ministry to build support systems for my weaknesses. I tend to circle myself with people who are strong in my weaknesses to help me fill the gaps created. For example, being an extrovert makes me to often not be a good listener. Most of my interactions are people who are good listeners than I am. I trust them to help me become a very good listener and at the same time help me control myself when I am speaking too much when I am supposed to be listening. This helps in ministry and interactions because the people you minister to want to be heard and valued. The people that you are working with also wants to be heard and their opinions respected. Having people help me be a good listener provides that platform for me to value other people’s opinions.
Lastly, understanding myself has also helped me to understand how unique other people are. I have fought so hard for people to take me as unique. The same I give to other people. I understand that the girls I am ministering to are unique on their own. I cannot make them become me. I do not struggle to make anyone become me because I know that I would not want anyone make me him or her. This helps me to understand that my role as I minister is to inspire others and let them reach their own potential to succeed in life. As I interact with others, I respect their views, their attitudes, their skills, and their weaknesses. Where I am able to cover for my friends’ weaknesses, I do that gladly knowing that I also stand on other people’s strengths to cover my weakness.