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Benjamin, Thank you- That is exactly correct. There is no one correct and one incorrect personality type. God has given us unique personalities to work together as teams, to support and compliment (not with our words but with our assistance) one other's efforts. A team is effective not when everyone is fighting for their own self interests, but when the team is working toward a common goal.


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Upon going through the 123 test on personality, my dominant DISC personality type has found to be within the S category which is Steadiness. I am an individual who is a good listener, team player, I am possessive, predictable, friendly and understanding. I like helping my students and my colleagues when they seek my help. I am always collaborative and I enjoy working with others. I thought that my results from 123 test really comply with my behavior at work place. In order to achieve an organization's goals, I as a worker I see my myself devising ways through which I can interact with people of different personalities, such as giving a feedback sandwich, respecting everyone's expertise and prioritizing my battle. In nutshell my DISC profile describes my human behavior in various situations at work environment eg how I can respond to challenges and influencing others.