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Ronald Agaba

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Urban Promise International, a non profit organization was founded in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, United States of America. The founder and President of Urban Promise is Bruce Main. The organization has been changing lives of individuals and communities at large. Urban Promise International believes in a holistic approach to human development. Their mission is to prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop and sustain Christian based youth development organizations and seed their new missionaries as they serve vulnerable children in the world's under-resourced communities.
I have chosen two ministries that I have used as a point of reference in addressing as to whether UPI and its affiliates drive towards the same goal as they do their activities. I have picked the Liberian based organization known as Centre for Leadership Development Initiative Liberia(CELDI Liberia) and Mercy Care Malawi. Going through their web pages, I have observed that these two organisations they are running programs that are in line with Urban Promise International, for instance Mercy Care Malawi runs a high school which aims at transforming the lives of youths through education, CELDI Liberia, there motto is to transforming Liberia through educating one child at a time. It is clear that these organisations are doing their activities inline with Urban Promise International's mission of changing lives. All the mentioned organisations are involved in Christian spiritual impartation in the areas they are working with an aim of have a generation of servant leadership. It is safe to say, Urban Promise International and its affiliates ministries, they do not work in antagonism.