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Personality is what determines a person’s quality of work and interaction with others. A good personality not only produces good results but also builds strong work relationships. The DISC personality test identified me as 34% influence, 31% dominance, 24% steadiness, and 10% compliance. It is amazing how the representation of each style is a true reflection of my personality.
I am a person who is always enthusiastic about what I do. I easily venture into new things and easily take risks because I am optimistic. I tend to be very talkative amidst my team. These personalities reflect much of the influence of style. I am also motivated to solve problems and be very firm on my decisions. These reflect a dominance style. I am a good team player and value working in a group where I like to motivate others. I also consider myself to be very friendly. These reflect a steadfast style.
However, I am not very good with details and tend to be very impatient with protocols. I do not like to be taken advantage of. Because I am firm on my decisions, I tend to look overpowering. I also seem to have difficulties with listening. All these weaknesses befall dominance and influence personalities. As for me, I like to work on my weaknesses so that I can become better every day.
It is mostly a case of finding each style in a team. It is actually a good thing to have all these personalities in one team because it dominance and influence brings new and challenging ideas whilst steadiness and compliance bring quality and efficiency to the ideas. It is important for an individual to be able to relate well with each style in a team. When working with dominance and influence styles, it is important to be a good listener and eager to try out new things. You might also need to cover for them paperwork and remind them of protocols that they might want to jump. When working with steadiness and compliant styles, it is very important to be detailed and patient. It is very imperative to let them provide their statistical facts and be innovative with those facts. Don’t rush them.
In my workplace, these personality styles also reflect in the roles of the staff. The Executive Director is more Dominance and Influence. He tends to think outside factual representations. The accountant is good with details. He makes decisions based on the statistics he has. He has a more compliant style of personality. However, I see that most of the other teachers are inclined more to influence style.
In conclusion, the DISC personality test is an important tool for team leaders to place their team in the right positions. Knowing these kinds of personalities helps me to relate well with others after identifying what kind of personality they are. The test has identified me as largely Influence, then dominance, steadiness, and a little bit of compliance. This is a true representation of my character. I possess many of the strengths and weaknesses of Influence and Dominance styles. My goal is to continuously work on my weaknesses to become better every day. Executive directors and other teachers are mostly of Influence and dominance styles whilst the accountant is largely compliant. To work better with each of them, it is important to adapt to what style they are.