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How understanding myself helps me understand how I minister and interact with others

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Understanding oneself is referred to knowledge of one's capabilities, characters, feelings, or motivations. It is so important for one to have a clear picture of who they are for everything they do for themselves and others revolve around it. It is very difficult to understand other people or things if you are having problems understanding yourself. You might end up concluding and making wrong judgments. You lack the discipline of analyzing and understanding people.

Knowing my strengths and weakness is one of the results of self-understanding. This helps me to be a responsible and realistic person. The realization of my strengths helps me to focus my energy on things I am good at. The chances of success and effectiveness are high. It is like an opportunity to exercise my abilities. A problem is best solved when you have identified its root cause or source. Knowing my weaknesses gives me the chance to confront them as an ascent to being a better version of myself. This gives room for improvement and a continued battle of perfection. For instance, if I know that I struggle with understanding the word of God then I will make efforts to improve my situation through more reading and direction. Change is almost impossible if you have no idea of what you are lacking.

Understanding myself also helps me in the decision-making process. Knowing who I am has helped me to make good decisions in my life. I challenge myself with realistic and achievable goals with the understanding of who I am. This has not been to my benefit only, but also to the people I serve. One of the slogans that I have been using since my turning point is “Living my life for others”. This means that whatever I do by the end of the day will also affect my circles inclusive. Good and realistic decisions are my level of confidence has increased greatly because of knowing who I am. This helps me to suppress self-doubt. As a result, I am motivated to use my abilities and gradually elevate to my potential while serving people. Knowing yourself is also a step towards revealing your purpose in this life. You then discover your interests in this life and work towards perfecting them. After you have developed your skills and abilities then you become effective.

Knowing yourself also helps in leadership. Leadership is all about influencing people towards the realization of a given goal or vision. As a leader, your job is to make a vision clear to the people in small bits and make sure that they are on the right track. A good leader should know him or herself. It shows that they are confident and know what they are doing. Part of influencing comes with being exemplary. This can be achieved by someone who understands who they are and are transparent with how they live their everyday life. This ideology has helped me a lot throughout my leadership experiences.