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Who they are and what they do
(htt1)Seeds of Promise is a Christian nonprofit organization whose main aim is to fight extreme poverty through sustainable farming, promoting better nutritional choices, and entrepreneurship training for the youth in Malawi. Seeds of promise is based in Lilongwe with 50 acres of farm and a city office where the entrepreneurial training happens.
According to the research Seeds of Promise conducted, Malawi has a high rate of population growth as compared to other countries and is characterized by limited poor social services like education, health care, and Agricultural services. Most children eat by chance not by choice and are malnourished. Most youths are unemployed which has become a source of the increase in the crime rate. The youth are surviving not living.
Opportunities in the country (Malawi)
Malawi also is known as the warm heart of Africa named after people’s warmth and friendliness has a youthful population that can be trained and equipped as a human resource for the development of the country. It has natural resources like lakes, rivers, mountains, good topography which can contribute to food sustainability.
How they align with the Urban Promise Model
One of the Seeds of Promise goals is related to the purpose of urban promise. They both have an element of the youth as a focus point. (htt) Urban Promise seeks to develop and sustain Christ-centered youth development for those in under-resourced communities. Seeds of Promise to train and equip the youth through social and economic programs for self -sustainability and community transformation. In addition to this, they seek to transform the youths which they call character development. Seeds of Promise also identifies, trains, and equips its target group just like Urban Promise does with the emerging and potential leaders. Their values also align as they operate with love, integrity, creativity, etc.
I am from Love Driven Ministries and it is great getting to learn how Seeds of Promise is serving people. They are creative and use different approaches to bring about change in their community. What they are doing is so inspiring and falls under the Urban Promise International ideology.

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