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Christian leadership is different from any other secular leadership in as far as spiritual life of the people in the community is concerned. Christian Reformed Church in North America,(2005) defines Christian leadership as the process of helping a group embody in it's corporate life the practices that shape vital Christian Life, community, and witness in ways that are faithful to Jesus Christ and gospel and appropriate to the particular group's setting, resources and purpose. The characteristics of the Christian leader determines whether one will walk in or walk out of his or her faith in the community. Henri Nouwen in his book of in the name of Jesus, describe some of the qualities of a Christian leader that can help one not to walk out of their faith.

Malawi being a Good fearing country, it is comprised of many churches or ministries which are led by pastors, priests, prophets and apostles. Despite spreading the Gospel and winning the souls of congregation to an eternal life, these leaders have some other qualities that make them to walk out of their faith and some of these factors are as follows; Most malawia. Christian leaders protect what they value most and they develop a theology to protect it. Another factor is that, most leaders do not apologize or admit to their mistakes to the church members and community at large. It is not wrong to conclude that, most Malawian Christian walk out of their faith since they have desire for power, wealth, reputation, acceptance and recognition. Henri Nouwen in his book states that a Christian leadership to be truly fruitful, indeed a movement from the moral to the mystical is required.